Equinox Comics Origin

Equinox Comics: The new universe of comic book heroes and villains. Conceptualized at a very young age by best friends Aaron Ballinger and Timothy Lackey, the reality is finally at hand. Join brand new heroes as they fight for the good of mankind and beyond! Watch as villains carry out evil plots of destruction and world domination! The battle between light and dark is a never-ending war. Be a part of the beginning and experience the birth of the Equiverse!




Meet the Equinox Staff:

Aaron Ballinger: Aaron Ballinger is the publisher and chief motivator of Equinox Comics. He’s scoured MySpace, Facebook, DeviantArt, conventions as well as his extensive personal and professional network to find the right combination of people that provide not only the talent needed to make Equinox succeed, but the mindset to make the group dynamic gel. In addition to wearing all of these hats, Aaron is currently scripting RAMPAGE, to debut in a future Equinox release.

Timothy Lackey: “The Godfather” of Equinox Comics, Tim designed the visuals for most of the Equiverse, to be refined later by the Equinox crew. Tim is a man of few words, but many gifts and he guides the overvall vision of the Equinox story. As of issue 2 of EQUINOX, Tim has taken over scripting duties for the GENESIS story.

Kent Clark: And yes, that IS his real name. Mild-mannered Kent Clark has been gifted with the amazing ability to draw superheroes like nobody’s business. His art style is defining the “light” side of the Equiverse, as he chronicles the tale of Ebon and Empire City. He is presently the artist on GENESIS, the lead story running through the EQUINOX title. In fact, without him EQUINOX #1 would never have been made, as he not only drew the lead story, he colored and lettered the entire book.

Sean Eddingfield: Sean is every bit as funny as he is talented, as followers on his Facebook can attest. Sean is presently the cover artist for EQUINOX, as well as the logo designer. Sean is also working with Aaron to bring RAMPAGE to life in a future Equinox release.

Johnnie Johnson: If Kent is setting the ground work for the “light” side of the Equiverse, then Johnnie is doing the same for the “dark” side. The incomparable J2 is a skilled artist whose talents can be found in EQUINOX #1, where he drew the debut of HELLRAZER. He is now hard at work finishing up HELLRAZER/VOODOO for release later this year and is slated to pencil THE TRIBE, about a team of Native American heroes who have discovered something dark at the heart of the Equiverse.

Tommy Brownell: While the rest of the Equinox crew are all from the local Tulsa area, Tommy is the outlier, living in the middle of nowhere, off the highway, surrounded by animals and crazed, cannibal hillbillies. This is why he won’t shut up if you encounter him in public. Tommy is the writer of HELLRAZER as well as THE CURSE, and is developing a lighter entry to the Equiverse with THE GREY GUARDIAN. In addition to this, he is teaching himself how to letter and pretty much everything else that needs to be done (aside from art, he doesn’t do art). His first full comic book will be released later this year, the oversized HELLRAZER/VOODOO one shot, and THE CURSE will appear in EQUINOX #2. Since he’s so isolated from the world, he encourages you to follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Jason Coody: Set to make his Equinox debut with HELLRAZER/VOODOO, where he is sharing art duties with Johnnie Johnson, Jason is constantly learning and growing. From there, he will be working on VOODOO with Shawn Cowan, one of the most anticipated releases from the Equinox fold. If you catch him drawing at a convention, he will wave at you with his eyebrows.

Shawn Cowan: The co-creator of VOODOO, Shawn co-plotted HELLRAZER/VOODOO with Tommy Brownell, and he is scripting the first full VOODOO solo story, to be released in the near future.

Eric Factor: The amazing Eric Factor is bringing a new level of discipline and research to Equinox, most of which annoys the other writers because it shows how lazy they are. Eric, a Native American, is applying an authentic approach to the storytelling of THE TRIBE.

Ben Soto: Ben Soto is a writer and artist chomping at the bit to be let loose, and looking forward to wowing the world with THE CURSE, where he is handling the art duties. In addition, Ben is helping flesh out the Equiverse with more, non-traditional tales that you can look forward to in future Equinox releases.

Zach Smith: The “Boy Wonder” of the Equinox staff, Zach Smith is a recruit who is tackling the debut of the Equinox comics hero BRAINSTORM.

David Richmond: David is a skilled artist, painter and sculptor who was recently recruited to the company. David will be working on a project called THE BOTHVAR SAGA¬†in which he’ll be manning the writing & art duties.

Jakari Jackson: Jakari is a talented writer who is scripting MISS ADVENTURE & later will team with the amazing Ben Soto for BABYLON P D. Mr. Jackson is also an accomplished voice-over actor.

Frank Bielowicz: Frank Bielowicz is the EQUINOX COMICS convention/event liaison, sharing his vast knowledge & experience of area conventions & events Рcomic/horror/sci-fi & literary related. Frank is also an incredible writer who has scripted THE JUDGE & will team with Aaron for ANGRY AMERICANS.